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Local Texas produce at Whole Foods in ATX
Austin, Denton, Deep Ellum…just to mention a few, Texas has become a hot spot for indie inspired restaurants, cafes and coffee shops that let off the coolest vibes that can only be found in the heart of Texas. Local, fresh, trendy, are just a few adjectives that bring these specific places to life! We hope you all are able to check out these one-of-a-kind places and try our food recommendations.

A quint, bustling café that is perfect for brunch. The atmosphere was refreshingly modern and comfortable with a right-at-home vibe throughout the cafe. The food was simply amazing and deliciously unique. This café is an absolute must when traveling to Austin or when you are new to the area. Truly an Austin-ish cafe, it lives up to owning South Congress with their name and the wonderful experience it provides.

What we had:

-Carrot Cake French Toast 
carrot cake, cinnamon vanilla egg batter, cream cheese-pecan syrup, seasonal fresh fruit

Carrot Cake French Toast and fruit

This cafe is clearly Austin inspired with an interesting decor that add personality to the location. Their fresh flare isn't only found in their interior decorating, it is also in the food! With fresh produce that is purchased from the Dallas Farmer's Market, the food is local and pleasantly fresh.

What we had:

-Chile Verde Pork Stuffed Sopapilla
Slow-Roast Pork Chile Verde stuffed in a Sopapilla, topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and cheddar cheese

All Good Cafe

The atmosphere was extremely laid back and undeniably Texas! Trudy’s is where the Tex truly meets the Mex with food that is flavorful and cultural. Even the wall art that enhanced Trudy’s atmosphere matched the unique vibes that flow freely on the streets of ATX. Nothing like a true Texas vibe that made this experience at this restaurant a great one.

What we had:

-Stuffed Avocados
The famous original! A fried, breaded avocado stuffed with spiced chicken and cheese. Topped with suiza sauce and more cheese. Served with Spanish rice and refried black beans.

Stuffed Avocado, rice and black beans

Our Trudy's menu

With fresh baked goods sold near the register and the unique wall art covering the walls it is almost nearly impossible to leave this coffee shop, especially with the hip music that places throughout the whole room. Some of the clever pieces of decor made the coffee shop experience a pleasure with a few little laughs. Overall Jupiter House Coffee is by far one of my favorite local coffee shops because of the relaxed artsy atmosphere and the coffee was great of course.

What we had:

Zucchini bread
Iced chai latte
The unique wall art displayed at Jupiter House Coffee
Chocolate muffin

Black coffee

Classic black coffee and chocolate muffin

Be Kind To The Hipsters


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