Dallas Farmer's Market

We’re surrounded by the brightest colors that nature has to offer. Vibrant strawberries, bright lemons, and pineapples so sweet that your mouth puckers as you get an instant sugar rush that no
Red Bull can match. It’s all fresh, it’s all local, and it’s all located in the heart of Dallas.
Setting up the produce before opening time
The Dallas Farmer’s Market, located at 1010 S. Pearl Expressway in Dallas, is a little bit of country inside of one of the largest cities in Texas. It's not clearly visible from the street, and even when parked, it takes awhile to find exactly where the seemingly endless fresh produce stands lay. After a little searching, you find yourself facing two very large sheds that are packed with farmers selling their crops.
Early morning surveillance of the market

The paradox of fresh produce for sale within walking distance of skyscrapers gives the Dallas Farmer’s Market its unique appeal. Work on Commerce Street and fancy a fresh mango? Your wish is just a five minute bike ride away. The beauty of this urban market business model is that consumers can purchase fresh produce at a location that is very convenient due to it’s proximity to the downtown office buildings, at a very competitive price. Six dollars got TWT a pint of strawberries and a generous tray of blackberries.

Art piece 1 at farmers market
Art piece 2 at Farmer's Market

This market makes it possible for the residents of Dallas to have access to fresh, healthy food, at a price that rivals some fast food restaurants. Whether you work in Dallas and want to pick some fresh produce on the way home, or you’re visiting the the Big D and just want to check out some of the local delicacies that North Texas farmers have to offer, the Dallas Farmer’s Market is worth a look.  

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