"The Prophets of Smoked Meat" by Daniel Vaughn (The BBQ Snob)

The Book
Daniel Vaughn (or as many know him "The BBQ Snob") has been on a very long journey to get to where he is at today.  We are not talking about the 10,343 miles, 35 days or 135 barbecue joints conquered to be able to write his book.  We are talking about the journey taken while writing his blog "Full Custom Gospel BBQ" as a full time architect.  His experiences and credibility allowed him the opportunity to be published as the first book under Anthony Bourdain's publishing line.  This opened the door to Daniel Vaughn being hired by Texas Monthly Magazine to serve as the world's first full time Barbecue Editor.

Daniel can be quite brutal with his reviews of barbecue joints, but it comes from his experience and sound understanding of what it takes to create the art of barbecue.  This is how he has developed the reputation as the "BBQ Snob".

Jeb & Brian hanging with Daniel
The TWT team had the honor of being invited to the VIP book signing party in Dallas.  While at this event we had the opportunity to meet some of the Texas pitmasters while they were serving their legendary smoked meat specialties: Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue, Justin Fourton of Pecan Lodge, Will Fleischman of Lockhart Smokehouse, and Tim Byres of Smoke.  Also in attendance was Mr. Garrison of Garrison Brothers Distillery, the crew from Four Corners Brewery and the owners of Swiss Pastry Shop of Fort Worth. It goes without saying that the food and drink options were delicious.

Daniel Vaughn and his talented photographer Nicholas McWhirter are first class people that know how to throw a party.  We would highly recommend that you check out their book and purchase a shirt!

Brian hanging with Aaron Franklin

Food from Tim Byres of Smoke

Swiss Pastry Shop Crew

Perfect brisket from Franklin's Barbecue

The Prophets of Smoked Meat Shirt

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