Food Trucks

Have you ever tried deciding on a restaurant to go eat at with friends, only to have WWIII break out on what kind of food to have that day? Well, if you’re tired of battling it out, and you happen to be in Dallas, you should check out the food truck scene at KlydeWarren Park, and at the Dallas Arts District

Food trucks are great alternatives to traditional restaurants since they tend to be more unique in terms of menu choices, and they are generally located in groups, so every one of your friends can order something that’s to their liking. We went to Klyde Warren Park to take a look at the growing Dallas food truck scene, and we were impressed by what we found. Klyde Warren Park is located in downtown Dallas, across from the Dallas Museum of Art. It hosts multiple food trucks, with food ranging from ice cream, to sushi, to burgers. We ordered a burger from Relish, and we sat down at some tables by the trucks to enjoy our meal while we listened to live music that was being performed in front of us on a small stage. The park was very clean, the food was excellent (you have to get the truffle fries), and overall atmosphere was extremely laid back, urban, and family friendly. So if you are ever in the mood for sushi, ice cream, a burger, or all three, Dallas food trucks are the way to go. 

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