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Local Texas produce at Whole Foods in ATX
Austin, Denton, Deep Ellum…just to mention a few, Texas has become a hot spot for indie inspired restaurants, cafes and coffee shops that let off the coolest vibes that can only be found in the heart of Texas. Local, fresh, trendy, are just a few adjectives that bring these specific places to life! We hope you all are able to check out these one-of-a-kind places and try our food recommendations.

A quint, bustling café that is perfect for brunch. The atmosphere was refreshingly modern and comfortable with a right-at-home vibe throughout the cafe. The food was simply amazing and deliciously unique. This café is an absolute must when traveling to Austin or when you are new to the area. Truly an Austin-ish cafe, it lives up to owning South Congress with their name and the wonderful experience it provides.

What we had:

-Carrot Cake French Toast 
carrot cake, cinnamon vanilla egg batter, cream cheese-pecan syrup, seasonal fresh fruit

Carrot Cake French Toast and fruit

This cafe is clearly Austin inspired with an interesting decor that add personality to the location. Their fresh flare isn't only found in their interior decorating, it is also in the food! With fresh produce that is purchased from the Dallas Farmer's Market, the food is local and pleasantly fresh.

What we had:

-Chile Verde Pork Stuffed Sopapilla
Slow-Roast Pork Chile Verde stuffed in a Sopapilla, topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and cheddar cheese

All Good Cafe

The atmosphere was extremely laid back and undeniably Texas! Trudy’s is where the Tex truly meets the Mex with food that is flavorful and cultural. Even the wall art that enhanced Trudy’s atmosphere matched the unique vibes that flow freely on the streets of ATX. Nothing like a true Texas vibe that made this experience at this restaurant a great one.

What we had:

-Stuffed Avocados
The famous original! A fried, breaded avocado stuffed with spiced chicken and cheese. Topped with suiza sauce and more cheese. Served with Spanish rice and refried black beans.

Stuffed Avocado, rice and black beans

Our Trudy's menu

With fresh baked goods sold near the register and the unique wall art covering the walls it is almost nearly impossible to leave this coffee shop, especially with the hip music that places throughout the whole room. Some of the clever pieces of decor made the coffee shop experience a pleasure with a few little laughs. Overall Jupiter House Coffee is by far one of my favorite local coffee shops because of the relaxed artsy atmosphere and the coffee was great of course.

What we had:

Zucchini bread
Iced chai latte
The unique wall art displayed at Jupiter House Coffee
Chocolate muffin

Black coffee

Classic black coffee and chocolate muffin

Be Kind To The Hipsters


Food Trucks

Have you ever tried deciding on a restaurant to go eat at with friends, only to have WWIII break out on what kind of food to have that day? Well, if you’re tired of battling it out, and you happen to be in Dallas, you should check out the food truck scene at KlydeWarren Park, and at the Dallas Arts District

Food trucks are great alternatives to traditional restaurants since they tend to be more unique in terms of menu choices, and they are generally located in groups, so every one of your friends can order something that’s to their liking. We went to Klyde Warren Park to take a look at the growing Dallas food truck scene, and we were impressed by what we found. Klyde Warren Park is located in downtown Dallas, across from the Dallas Museum of Art. It hosts multiple food trucks, with food ranging from ice cream, to sushi, to burgers. We ordered a burger from Relish, and we sat down at some tables by the trucks to enjoy our meal while we listened to live music that was being performed in front of us on a small stage. The park was very clean, the food was excellent (you have to get the truffle fries), and overall atmosphere was extremely laid back, urban, and family friendly. So if you are ever in the mood for sushi, ice cream, a burger, or all three, Dallas food trucks are the way to go. 

Dallas Farmer's Market

We’re surrounded by the brightest colors that nature has to offer. Vibrant strawberries, bright lemons, and pineapples so sweet that your mouth puckers as you get an instant sugar rush that no
Red Bull can match. It’s all fresh, it’s all local, and it’s all located in the heart of Dallas.
Setting up the produce before opening time
The Dallas Farmer’s Market, located at 1010 S. Pearl Expressway in Dallas, is a little bit of country inside of one of the largest cities in Texas. It's not clearly visible from the street, and even when parked, it takes awhile to find exactly where the seemingly endless fresh produce stands lay. After a little searching, you find yourself facing two very large sheds that are packed with farmers selling their crops.
Early morning surveillance of the market

The paradox of fresh produce for sale within walking distance of skyscrapers gives the Dallas Farmer’s Market its unique appeal. Work on Commerce Street and fancy a fresh mango? Your wish is just a five minute bike ride away. The beauty of this urban market business model is that consumers can purchase fresh produce at a location that is very convenient due to it’s proximity to the downtown office buildings, at a very competitive price. Six dollars got TWT a pint of strawberries and a generous tray of blackberries.

Art piece 1 at farmers market
Art piece 2 at Farmer's Market

This market makes it possible for the residents of Dallas to have access to fresh, healthy food, at a price that rivals some fast food restaurants. Whether you work in Dallas and want to pick some fresh produce on the way home, or you’re visiting the the Big D and just want to check out some of the local delicacies that North Texas farmers have to offer, the Dallas Farmer’s Market is worth a look.  

Deep in Deep Ellum

Dallas Skyscrapers

Dallas being the 9th most populous city in the country and the 3rd most populous in the state, it is no surprise that this city has become best known for its iconic skyscrapers and busy streets. However, taking a walk from the corporate life of Dallas down the street to Deep Ellum there is a wildly drastic change in scenery and culture. Being so close together Dallas and Deep Ellum couldn't appear to be more different at a glance.

Deep Ellum graffiti art

The inspiration the music industry has on Deep Ellum was evident as soon as we set foot in this artistically sprayed downtown area that is largely influenced by the arts and of course the variety of unique entertainment venues nestled just east of Downtown Dallas.

Venue band listings
Venue's concert schedule for the month

Some of the more radical venues didn't have posters or announcements showcasing that month's gigs. They simply spray paint the shows that would play that month on the side of the venues.

There is really nothing like finding such diversity like a German made Volkswagen that is highlighted with Mexican print seat covers and a simple western style hat to tie it all together. Taking a walk around Deep Ellum and finding neat things in the area never fail to make a trip feel adventurous and exciting. It's like visiting an art gallery that is free and conveniently placed outside for public viewing.

Volkswagen tire in Deep Ellum
Eclectic Volkswagen parked on the side of the street
Jesse Rutherford (vocalist for The Neighbourhood) preforming at Trees

We had the chance to check out The 1975 and The Neighborhood putting on a show at Trees. This trendy venue is a hot spot for some of the biggest names in music. Trees lives up to its name with tree-like support beams that add an organic and hip vibe to the space. With a bar to the back of the venue it is a ideal place to see your favorite indie band with an active audience in an intimate setting. The added details of posters and decor that cover the brick walls are truly cool and combine to create a one of a kind atmosphere that can only be found in the depths of Deep Ellum.

Witnessing the variety of diversity in the weird, the interesting and the trendy makes is what makes Texas, Texas.

"The Prophets of Smoked Meat" by Daniel Vaughn (The BBQ Snob)

The Book
Daniel Vaughn (or as many know him "The BBQ Snob") has been on a very long journey to get to where he is at today.  We are not talking about the 10,343 miles, 35 days or 135 barbecue joints conquered to be able to write his book.  We are talking about the journey taken while writing his blog "Full Custom Gospel BBQ" as a full time architect.  His experiences and credibility allowed him the opportunity to be published as the first book under Anthony Bourdain's publishing line.  This opened the door to Daniel Vaughn being hired by Texas Monthly Magazine to serve as the world's first full time Barbecue Editor.

Daniel can be quite brutal with his reviews of barbecue joints, but it comes from his experience and sound understanding of what it takes to create the art of barbecue.  This is how he has developed the reputation as the "BBQ Snob".

Jeb & Brian hanging with Daniel
The TWT team had the honor of being invited to the VIP book signing party in Dallas.  While at this event we had the opportunity to meet some of the Texas pitmasters while they were serving their legendary smoked meat specialties: Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue, Justin Fourton of Pecan Lodge, Will Fleischman of Lockhart Smokehouse, and Tim Byres of Smoke.  Also in attendance was Mr. Garrison of Garrison Brothers Distillery, the crew from Four Corners Brewery and the owners of Swiss Pastry Shop of Fort Worth. It goes without saying that the food and drink options were delicious.

Daniel Vaughn and his talented photographer Nicholas McWhirter are first class people that know how to throw a party.  We would highly recommend that you check out their book and purchase a shirt!

Brian hanging with Aaron Franklin

Food from Tim Byres of Smoke

Swiss Pastry Shop Crew

Perfect brisket from Franklin's Barbecue

The Prophets of Smoked Meat Shirt

Zane Williams - "Overnight Success"

Sporting a TWT tee on stage
at Lone Star Bar in Midland.

This Abilene native can be seen playing at local spots such as Cadillac Pizza in McKinney or even on the television show, Troubadour, TX.  His latest album "Overnight Success" came out in May 2013 and is getting stellar reviews.  If you enjoy a little Americana music, then you need pick up this album.  Zane is a great guy, family man and fantastic performer.

As Justin Frazell noted on his blog TXRDR, "All things said, Zane Williams "Overnight Success" in my opinion, is a stellar record. If you have a pocket full of change I would strongly suggest you invest your money in the CD and let your ears, heart and soul reap the benefits. By all means go see Zane Williams LIVE."

Zane's Website >>
Zane's Facebook >> 

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