Tasty Tuesdays!

We are so excited to share that we will be doing Tasty Tuesdays for all our readers to learn about various Texas inspired cooking, grilling, and baking recipes. We will be giving a short sneak peek at some of the types of food we will be covering. Be sure to come back every Tuesday to check out some of the recipes we will be revealing for you all! Find the full article in Texas Monthly. If you love Franklin's BBQ in Austin TX then check out the awesome shirt Aaron Franklin is wearing in Parade's Day in the Life Story 
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"To cook a worthy brisket at home, Franklin says, “You want an offset smoker—that’s the style with a firebox off to one end.” (If you’re buying your first one, Pitts & Spits, Oklahoma Joe’s, and New Braunfels Smokers are all good manufacturers; count on paying at least $300.) His preferred woods are oak or hickory because “they taste best and burn clean.” Purchase a ten- to twelve-pound brisket—it will feed about a dozen people—that is well-marbled on the interior. Trim the exterior fat to between a fourth and a half an inch and rub the outside generously with kosher salt and coarse black pepper. While the meat is coming to room temperature, put some kindling and paper sprinkled with vegetable oil in the firebox. Once they’re burning steadily, add logs and let the temperature rise to between 225 and 250 degrees (an oven thermometer placed at grate level—very important—works fine). Hoist the brisket onto the grill, with the thicker end toward the fire and the fat cap facing up. Fill a foil loaf pan with water and put it as close as possible to the firebox. Then find a comfortable chair and read War and Peace . During the eight or more hours it will take the meat to cook—allowing 45 to 60 minutes a pound—watch the fire closely. Check the temperature every 20 minutes and adjust the vent, flap, and door to keep the heat even. Replenish the water as needed, do not poke the brisket with a fork, and, Franklin admonishes, “Do not turn it.” When an instant-read thermometer registers 195 to 203 degrees, the brisket is done. It’s best to take it off the heat a little sooner, though, because it will continue to cook. Let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes. Then slice it—fat side up, against the grain—and serve." To read the whole article on juicy brisket - Texas Monthly

Hands On Museum

When you think of a museum, what do you picture? Abstract art? Expensive vases? Glass cases? Generally, the museum has a reputation for being a little bit, shall we say, clinical. Yes, there are great works of art and history located within their walls, but they are presented in such a cold and systematic way that the museum as a whole can sometimes hide the magic lurking within the individual exhibits.

For example, when you walk into most museums, the most important rule always seems to be "Don't touch". But what about if you were able to not only touch, but interact with the displays? That would change things. You might even forget that you are in a museum.

This trick of making the visitor believe that they are not in a museum, but in an interactive event, is what sets the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas apart. From the moment you set eyes on the building from the outside, you know that this is not a traditional museum. You walk in, and you are greeted by a boat with recycled bottles built into its frame, and a lobby that has moving sculptures.

There is a lot to do in the museum, with 3 floors dedicated to general admission exhibits, and a floor below the ground floor dedicated to seasonal exhibits. They are even connected with stairs that play notes when you step on them.

The exhibits vary from space based, to animal based, to engineering based, but something that they all have in common is that you can interact with the majority of the things in the exhibit. Would you like to create your own dinosaur, experience a high intensity earthquake, or fly like a bird? You can do all of that and more. You can even see the world's third largest gold nugget. Now you unfortunately really can't touch that one, but with so many things to explore, you might just need to stop by the excellent cafeteria for some fuel in order to be energized to do everything this place has to offer. Who ever said museums were boring?

QOTD: What do you think distinguishes Texas culture from the rest of the nation?

What do you think distinguishes Texas culture from the rest of the nation?

Texas is best known to successfully blend cultures that root from Southern tradition, Western and Contemporary styleand Mexican food. Could you even ask for much better? We love Texas because of the diversity that is notable around every corner. Texas has it all! Seeing the combination of all different types of styles is what distinguishes Texas from the rest of the nation. From the amazing food, to the constant changes in fashion, to the growing arts district, to the broad music industry, Texas knows how to take many different cultures and combine them to create that authentic Texas flare and that's why we love it!

Just a couple of things to show you what we are talkin' about!

Texas Skylines:

Texas landscape
Austin skyline

Texas Food:

(Every good food in Texas is a finger food)

Texas BBQ

Tex Mex

Let us know what you think... Leave a comment on this blog post or tweet us why you love Texas @TexasCultureHub We would love to hear your thoughts.

Marfa Monday: Marfa's Mysterious Lights


It's Monday, that means Marfa facts and attractions are in our midst. Marfa is such a quirky unique town it's almost hard to not to find it completely compelling. Marfa is best know for the mysterious lights that draw in people from around the area and even from around the country. The question is: "What are they?", "Where do they come from?" Many people would think they are just car lights, aircraft lights, possibly ranch lights... Some even speculate they are sprites or another explainable light source. There are tons of different theories that overrun the internet but the lights that add to Marfa's unique thumbprint are truly amazing and add a special attraction to the area. The lights in this town are so important to the people that inhibit the area that they actually have an annual Marfa Lights Festival every September. If you are interested in reading up on this anomaly check out the various theories here.

The mysterious Marfa Lights

50 Sure Signs That Texas is Actually Utopia

Information from: http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/50-sure-signs-that-texas-is-actually-utopia

Every Texan knows Texas looks like this...
Source: robotcosmonaut.tumblr.com

  1. The stars at night are big and bright.  (Beauty of Texas' night skys)
  2. Clear eyes, full hearts. (Friday Night Lights - Texas Football)
  3. Beyonce (Houston, TX made)
  4. Breakfast Tacos (Everywhere all the time)
  5. Barton Springs (ATX)
  6. The most authentic country and folk music (Screw Nashville - TX Country is where it is at)
  7. Basketball (SA Spurs, H'town Rockets & D Mavericks)
  8. Kolaches (not just in West while cruis'n 35)
  9. Marfa, TX (Marfa Lights, Cobra Rock Boot Company, and more)
  10. Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper floats are the best)
  11. Whataburger (Yes, please)
  12. Austin City Limits
  13. The State Fair of Texas
  14. Houston Astros (Throw back uniforms are legit)
  15. Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit (burns calories)
  16. Wildflowers (Bluebonnets)
  17. Rock n Roll - Then & Now (Buddy Holly to current ATX/Denton scene)
  18. Impressively bearded dudes are never short on supply (Keep Denton Beard)
  19. Bats (Check out ATX Bridge at night)
  20. Bush Girls 
  21. LIST GOES ON >> http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/50-sure-signs-that-texas-is-actually-utopia

Intro to Marfa

Welcome to Marfa: Home of the Hipsters

Marfa, Texas is a small town that is located just north of Big Bend National Park that is a hub for new and evolving Texas culture. This eclectic place in Texas is best known for the unexplained, Mysterious Marfa Lights that can be seen at night. These lights have been reported to change in color, position and intensity and are celebrated in Marfa every September for their annual Lights Festival. Marfa is also home to a growing art community that blends in with that respectable "cowboy" western culture that has been established in the town. Marfa may be a small town in Texas but it has a big personality that has developed from its unique history and intriguing current entertainment.

Come back to read up on Marfa every Monday for Marfa Monday!

Kolache Heaven

West, Texas is a small town of around 2,800 that has recently made international headlines due to the fertilizer plant explosion this past April. With such an extreme event shaking the small town to its foundation, visiting the Czech Stop in West was a hope filled trip that showed the strength and perseverance of the town.

Three months after the blast, the Czech Stop was as busy as ever, with lines spanning the width of the store, and with friendly staff serving some of the best pastries this great state has to offer. People from all around Texas, and even from other states, stop in West specifically for the goods that the Czech Stop has to offer.  With kolaches to die for, ranging from sweet to savory, and other decadent treats such as pies, and even peanut brittle, this is a stop you must make if you drive past West on the highway. After you stop here, a trip to your local doughnut shop will seem like taking a spin on the teacups after you've ridden the largest roller coaster in the park. There really is nothing like it, and it just adds to the charm of the place that you can top off on gas while you get your treats. It's a true Texas landmark, and it's in a town that is even more amazing than its pastries.

Texas Designer Style

With summer in full effect, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the heat. With 100-degree weather common throughout a large portion of Texas, it’s not difficult to find your brain playing tricks on you in the immense heat. If your car happens to break down in Valentine, Texas this summer, and you find yourself walking towards the nearest service station, don’t freak out when you see a Prada store in the middle of the desert. No, you are not hallucinating. 

Situated some 26 miles outside of Marfa, Texas, this building is a sculpture that was created to resemble a Prada store. Seemingly located next to nothing of any significance whatsoever, this landmark’s ridiculous nature makes it a must see if you are travelling to Marfa. Just remember to pack some extra water. 

What's Bigger in Texas?

Everyone always says everything is Bigger in Texas...is it true? We are gonna take a look at 10 things that are undeniably bigger in Texas thanks to http://www.buzzfeed.com/bennyjohnson/things-that-are-definitely-bigger-in-texas 

Check out the link for all 55 things that are bigger in Texas.

10. Professional Football is Bigger in Texas

9. Music Festivals are Bigger in Texas

8. Fish are Bigger in Texas

7. Modern Architecture is Bigger in Texas

6. Irony is Bigger in Texas

5. Dance Halls are Bigger in Texas

4. Margaritas are Bigger in Texas

3. Temperatures are Bigger in Texas

2. Sunsets are Bigger in Texas

1. BBQ is Bigger in Texas

The Different Sides of Texas

Where are you from? This is possibly one of the most difficult questions that someone can ask you as an American, or more specifically, as a Texan. Some will go into long, drawn out explanations about their heritage, and describe every part that comes together to make up their personal identity.  Others will simply say that they’re from a certain U.S. state. Texans however have another, more precise way to describe themselves. As Texans know, residents of Texas are Texans, but not all Texans are the same. This clip from the film Bernie quite bluntly describes the differences in Texas in a way that most Texans understand, but most non-Texans struggle to comprehend. Lets just say that not all of us are from East Texas. Some of us actually drive Mercedes', much to the dismay of the People’s Republic of Austin.  

It's All Good

Outside the cafe admiring the view

The All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum (2934 Main Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas TX) was an overall great experience. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at this location with a variety of menu options that ranges from peppered bacon to Big Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes, to Chile Verde Pork Stuffed Sopapillas. The service was amazing with most, if not all the waiters and waitresses were laid back, hip and undeniably trendy.

Austin made its mark in a cafe all the way in Deep Ellum 

The vibe at this cafe was without a doubt had that one-of-a-kind "weird" Austin influence. They even displayed an Austin bumper sticker on on one of their glass cases. Anyone who has ever lived or visited Austin knows that walking down the streets of the city is an experience in itself. Seeing the variety of individuals and tastes in food, fashion, and music is what makes that city so influential on different parts of the state and even the country.

The ceiling from our seats

The ceiling was covered with various colorful origami swans hanging from the ceiling. It gave the place a nice unique flare because it is seldom seen in the average corner cafe. It would make sense because average is not in the vocabulary of the All Good Cafe!

The O's Thunderdog

We ended up meeting one of the employees, Taylor Young who is part of the two-man-band called The O's. This band definitely has a pleasantly unusual sound all their own that even The Dallas Observer can attest to. They had the band's song "Outlaw" featured as number 4 in "Ten Best Texas Country Songs of 2013 (so far)." We love their authentic style of music and their spin on Texas Country!

Post cards from around the world 

The cafe had a collage of post cards from places around the world displayed near the front. It is always very cool to see all the different places and various affects they have on the laid back environment. Even at the busiest points of the lunch hour the All Good Cafe holds business down as well as keeping that trendy relaxed vibe. But of course the food that the All Good Cafe serves was amazing and far from the generic bland menu of a regular cafe. All the produce that they purchase for preparing the plates are locally grown. One of their primary providers is the Dallas Farmer's Market.

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