It's All Good

Outside the cafe admiring the view

The All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum (2934 Main Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas TX) was an overall great experience. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at this location with a variety of menu options that ranges from peppered bacon to Big Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes, to Chile Verde Pork Stuffed Sopapillas. The service was amazing with most, if not all the waiters and waitresses were laid back, hip and undeniably trendy.

Austin made its mark in a cafe all the way in Deep Ellum 

The vibe at this cafe was without a doubt had that one-of-a-kind "weird" Austin influence. They even displayed an Austin bumper sticker on on one of their glass cases. Anyone who has ever lived or visited Austin knows that walking down the streets of the city is an experience in itself. Seeing the variety of individuals and tastes in food, fashion, and music is what makes that city so influential on different parts of the state and even the country.

The ceiling from our seats

The ceiling was covered with various colorful origami swans hanging from the ceiling. It gave the place a nice unique flare because it is seldom seen in the average corner cafe. It would make sense because average is not in the vocabulary of the All Good Cafe!

The O's Thunderdog

We ended up meeting one of the employees, Taylor Young who is part of the two-man-band called The O's. This band definitely has a pleasantly unusual sound all their own that even The Dallas Observer can attest to. They had the band's song "Outlaw" featured as number 4 in "Ten Best Texas Country Songs of 2013 (so far)." We love their authentic style of music and their spin on Texas Country!

Post cards from around the world 

The cafe had a collage of post cards from places around the world displayed near the front. It is always very cool to see all the different places and various affects they have on the laid back environment. Even at the busiest points of the lunch hour the All Good Cafe holds business down as well as keeping that trendy relaxed vibe. But of course the food that the All Good Cafe serves was amazing and far from the generic bland menu of a regular cafe. All the produce that they purchase for preparing the plates are locally grown. One of their primary providers is the Dallas Farmer's Market.

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