The Menger Hotel

Everyone knows the Alamo, “Remember the Alamo” being a phrase that is etched in the minds of all Texans. While the Alamo is the most well known attraction in San Antonio, it is not the only attraction of historical significance. Located within walking distance of the famous Alamo is one of the most famous hotels in Texas, The Menger Hotel

The Menger opened it doors in 1859, just 23 years after the fall of the Alamo, on the site that previously held Menger’s brewery, Texas’ first brewery. The Menger opened as a world-class luxury hotel, and it was widely regarded as “the finest hotel west of the Mississippi River.” The Menger was so highly regarded that it hosted a variety of famous guests, including Generals Lee and Grant, Sam Houston, and Presidents Taft, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, and McKinley. 

The Menger today retains all the beauty that made it so famous and successful 150 years ago. From the antique furniture in the lobby, to the famous bar where President Roosevelt recruited his Rough Riders, visiting the hotel takes you back in time to when Texas was still a very young state. And if you decide to spend the night, you may even get lucky (or unlucky) and encounter one of the many ghosts that are said to roam the hotel. So next time you’re in San Antonio and you want to tour the Alamo, be sure to stop by The Menger Hotel as well. Visiting both will make your Texas history experience much more complete. 

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