Fuego Tortilla Grill

UT or A&M? This is a question that has devastated relationships, divided houses, and made buying any shade of orange or maroon risky business. So while it’s impossible to make an Aggie like UT and a Longhorn like A&M, what about the cities themselves? Is it possible that the cities in which these Universities are located have local specialties that would please even the rivals? We began our quest to answer this question by exploring College Station, and we found one of Aggieland’s most treasured jewels, Fuego Tortilla Grill.

College Station, Texas. It’s best known for being home to Texas A&M, but to taco lovers it’s known as the proud home of Fuego. Fuego is a medium sized Mexican restaurant located within a couple of minutes of A&M that dishes out great Mexican food at reasonable prices. They have a wide range of Mexican food on offer, but one of their most popular items has a distinctively Texan twist, the Dr. Pepper Cowboy. We tried out the Dr. Pepper Cowboy and we seriously enjoyed the combination of brisket, grilled onions, chipotle cream corn, and jack cheese on a flower tortilla with tangy Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce to pull it all together. The restaurant is always full, even at 3 in the morning you will find a line for the drive through that goes down the street, and the fact that the inside is as welcoming as a regular sit down restaurant means that Fuego is the best of both worlds. It can be convenient like fast food when you want it, or you can sit down with friends and have a great time when you just want to relax.

So back to A&M vs. UT. No, they will probably never agree on football or music, but after trying out Fuego, we found that food is one tie that unites this state. Food is so powerful that we are convinced that even a Longhorn could appreciate a meal in an Aggieland restaurant. 

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