Marfa Monday: Marfa's Mysterious Lights


It's Monday, that means Marfa facts and attractions are in our midst. Marfa is such a quirky unique town it's almost hard to not to find it completely compelling. Marfa is best know for the mysterious lights that draw in people from around the area and even from around the country. The question is: "What are they?", "Where do they come from?" Many people would think they are just car lights, aircraft lights, possibly ranch lights... Some even speculate they are sprites or another explainable light source. There are tons of different theories that overrun the internet but the lights that add to Marfa's unique thumbprint are truly amazing and add a special attraction to the area. The lights in this town are so important to the people that inhibit the area that they actually have an annual Marfa Lights Festival every September. If you are interested in reading up on this anomaly check out the various theories here.

The mysterious Marfa Lights

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