50 Sure Signs That Texas is Actually Utopia

Information from: http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/50-sure-signs-that-texas-is-actually-utopia

Every Texan knows Texas looks like this...
Source: robotcosmonaut.tumblr.com

  1. The stars at night are big and bright.  (Beauty of Texas' night skys)
  2. Clear eyes, full hearts. (Friday Night Lights - Texas Football)
  3. Beyonce (Houston, TX made)
  4. Breakfast Tacos (Everywhere all the time)
  5. Barton Springs (ATX)
  6. The most authentic country and folk music (Screw Nashville - TX Country is where it is at)
  7. Basketball (SA Spurs, H'town Rockets & D Mavericks)
  8. Kolaches (not just in West while cruis'n 35)
  9. Marfa, TX (Marfa Lights, Cobra Rock Boot Company, and more)
  10. Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper floats are the best)
  11. Whataburger (Yes, please)
  12. Austin City Limits
  13. The State Fair of Texas
  14. Houston Astros (Throw back uniforms are legit)
  15. Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit (burns calories)
  16. Wildflowers (Bluebonnets)
  17. Rock n Roll - Then & Now (Buddy Holly to current ATX/Denton scene)
  18. Impressively bearded dudes are never short on supply (Keep Denton Beard)
  19. Bats (Check out ATX Bridge at night)
  20. Bush Girls 
  21. LIST GOES ON >> http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/50-sure-signs-that-texas-is-actually-utopia

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