The Franklin Barbecue Experience

What BBQ line do you know that starts at 6:30am on a Saturday morning? If you guessed the unmistakable Franklin BBQ in Austin you correct! We didn't get there at 6:30 in the morning however. We arrived to contribute to the ever growing line at around 8:20 that morning and discovered that once Franklin opened at 11am we would have about an hour wait ahead of us but we were pretty much guaranteed the best BBQ you could find.

Getting closer to the main entrance! 

At around 9 in the morning Franklin BBQ associates would let us know about how long the wait would be and took estimated orders to insure the amount of meat being served would be enough. Sitting on the concrete in the early hours wasn't bad to start because the Texas heat takes a break from causing heat strokes in the mornings. But once 10:01am came around the corner so did the unforgivable Texas heat, but we were fully prepared and brought umbrellas and refreshments because we knew what to expect. Others opted to find additional shelter from the unforgivable Texas sun posted up near parked cars because the line went through and around the parking lot. Now Franklin BBQ doesn't open until 11am and it closes whenever they are completely sold out of products, at this time a sign that no one want to see is displayed in the window. 

Vintage looking signs like this were displayed throughout the restraunt

The associates are efficient and provide the best customer service even before the doors open. A couple of times before the doors opened a associate would walk down the line selling $2 Lone stars and $3 local beers including Shiner beers as well as a variety of different refreshments which were also available for cash purchase.

Shiner Beers shines bright at Franklin
Lone Star Beer was popular with the crowd

During our wait we counted about 5 huge BBQ pits that were parked behind the establishment. Old school country music filled the tin shade top just about an hour before opening that correlated perfectly with the environment of the restaurant. Aaron Franklin himself was spotted sporting our Texas BBQ shirt! We were lucky enough to snag a quick picture of him.

Aaron Franklin sporting the Texas BBQ TWT shirt

4 Tipsy Texans and 1 lb of brisket later we had our fill of Austin's most prided BBQ joint! Whenever
you are in town be sure to stop by Franklin BBQ. If you love barbecue as much as we do we guarantee you wont regret it.

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