Football Time

We all know that football is a big deal here in Texas. High school football is a major event that brings communities together and keeps students focused on staying in school. It attracts people from all different ages and genders, and it's something that is rooted deeply in the Texan lifestyle.

College football is similar to the high school football experience, but it's even more intense. With so many colleges here in Texas that have strong football programs, it could even be said that it's followed more intently than pro football. The $744 average transaction price of a ticket to the A&M vs Alabama game makes this a viable argument (it also makes it the most expensive college football ticket of 2013).

So Texans love football, but with so many teams to keep up with, accidentally missing games is an unfortunate possibility. Thankfully, there are websites such as MaxPreps and ESPN that can keep us organized and informed on when our favorite teams play. So from everyone at TWT, we wish you a happy football season!

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