Bat Fest

Austin is a city in Texas that is full of fun entertaining things to do at any day of the week. The ninth annual Bat Fest was this past weekend's main attraction for locals and visitors. 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from under one of Austin's bridges at dusk.

Over 75 arts & craft vendors were in attendance displaying all sorts of  local artists, fashion sellers, and various other vendors that welcomed the city of Austin's most artistic. Almost all of the artists or private vendors were from Austin or very close. The city is very well known for supporting local artists and even local food and their most popular non-chain restaurants throughout the area.

Many of the booths includes coasters that were customized to be identifiable with your favorite Austin experiance or place with icons like popular graffiti in the area and the city's most famous food trucks and pit stops.

The Bat Fest also included what they call the Bike Zoo which was a new attraction this year. Biking is one of the most popular recreational activities in Austin. Probably the two most popular things in Austin, being weird and riding bikes come together to form a bat bicycle brought to you by the most creative depths of Texas.

One of our favorite local bands played at the Bat Fest. The Quiet Company was noticed by Tumbleweed Texstyles in Marfa for Viva Big Bend earlier in the summer. We made sure to check them out again at the Bat Fest and of course they were better than ever! Of course the Quiet Company never disappoints the crowd either with their unique musical additions and overall style. Be sure to check them out as soon as you can, their music is well worth it.

At around 8 or so, when the sky slowly started dimming into dusk bats broke through the crevasses of the bridge wildly and dived out from under the bridge smoothly and fiercely, not one ever bumping into another. The sheer quantity that spilled from the cracks of their concrete home was almost only believable if you could see them for yourself.

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