Friday night. School’s out, you get to leave the office, and you have the whole weekend ahead of you. The biggest question on your mind at this point is “what is there to do?” Well if you want a break from the ordinary, you should check out TopGolf

TopGolf is a Texas based company that offers a unique entertainment experience through golf. This isn’t your grandfather’s  golf course though. The layout consists of golfing stations set up in rows facing the target field. There are multiple stories of rows, and they all face the field that has several targets scattered around the field. 

The thing that sets TopGolf apart from traditional golf is that the golf balls used in TopGolf have microchips in them that allow you to see exactly where your ball ended up. With this high tech gadgetry, you are able to play several games such as distance and accuracy games. And the best part is that you never have to go search for your ball. You can stay put, hit a few balls, and enjoy some food and drinks with friends. There are multiple locations throughout Texas, with a new location in The Colony opening up this fall. So if you want to try something new this weekend, be sure to go check out TopGolf. It’s a blast, and with prices starting at $20 an hour for a row that can accommodate up to 5 people, it won’t break the bank either. 

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Melissa Haley said...

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