Three words, Texas Culture Hubbers: Thirty. Rotating. Drafts.

It almost goes without saying that any burger and beer joint that opens in the Big D is going to have a lot to live up to, especially considering the wealth of choices and availability of good beef in the area.  However, if the youthful energy, spirited crowds and cool Greenville Ave. location are any indication,  then the freshly hatched Dallas Beer Kitchen seems to be off and running in the right way so far. The DBK features nearly three dozen selections of suds ranging from local and hard to find to globally accepted and admired. The menu is movie themed (complete with cinema style popcorn) and features fat Southwestern-inspired burgers that take their names from famous films, as well as thick fries and creative desserts. Dallas might just have another long-lasting, and tasty, favorite on its hands. 

1802 Greenville Ave. Suite 110, 214-484-2481

- Richard Dennis

Source: Where Magazine/Morris Publications

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