The Delish Dish Dallas: Chino Chinatown

Dallas is home to an array of delicious cuisines and each speaks to the different palates of the various customers. Chino Chinatown’s executive Chef, Uno Immanivong, creates a uniquely colorful Latin Asian dining experience in the hopping Trinity Groves area. My husband, along with a pair of our closest friends, had a wonderful time from start to finish. Parking, which we all know can ruin the dining experience before it starts, was no trouble and before we knew it we were all sitting comfortably at the bar having red wine suggested by the bartender. As the night progressed, we found the bartender and our server could provide a wealth of knowledge about the drinks and food at Chino Chinatown. Each wine suggested paired perfectly with our food and we were asked to taste the wines before we committed. We all found this to be a welcome request and one that made us feel that our satisfaction was a priority. When we dove into the menu, the whole table was excited to see a plethora of choices. My friend that was joining us is gluten free. Not only did she have a ton of gluten free options to choose from, but the waiter also informed us that most of the entrees could be easily manipulated into gluten free versions. We started out with the duck fat yucca fries and chicken lollipops. The fries were crispy on the outside and had a soft inside; the texture that any respectable fry should have. The dipping sauce was a siraracha ketchup mix that generated the perfect amount of kick without our party reaching for water after every bite! The tasty chicken lollipops also delivered a crispy texture and married both a sweet and savory quality that kept the whole table talking about their deliciousness. Next up was the duck fat fried rice. This is not your everyday fried rice and I mean that in the best way possible. It is full of bountiful shrimp, roasted pork, and a sunny side up egg that the server slices up and tosses into the dish. Who knew a side dish could be such a vital part of a meal?! Finally, our main courses arrived each with its own personality and flair. My girlfriend and I both had the sweet chili glazed sea bass which were cooked perfectly and paired with a Chinese broccoli. My husband tried the steamed buns which were pillowy soft, light, and delicious. My friend’s husband had the short ribs and by the look of his emptied plate, I would say he thoroughly enjoyed every bite. At the closure of our meal, I noticed Chef Uno busy in the kitchen. When our server came back I asked if it was possible to snap a quick photo with her and thank her for such an amazing meal. Just like her cooking Chef Uno was warm and delightful and jumped right into our photo like a long lost girlfriend. Before she left our table she asked if we were having some dessert and when she found out we had not ordered any she sent one over to our table. The cheesecake she sent over had a small kick of jalapeno and a bruleed topping. It really was one of the creamiest cheesecakes I have ever eaten and satisfied the sweet tooth of all. With summer quickly approaching and meal times become a bit less rushed, head out to Trinity Groves and try out Chino Chinatown, the food and service will be well worth the visit. Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves #110 3011 Gulden Ln. Dallas, TX 75212 469-513-7457

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