Kammok - Camping in Style

While having a conversation one day, Greg McEvilly was looking into the camping industry and accidentally said the words "kammok" instead of camping hammok (ref).  By accident, the company Kammok was born.

The products of Kammok are engineered and designed to not only be stylish and comfortable, but to also be extremely easy to use.  The Kammok can easily be attached to any tree while out camping.

The Focus of this company goes beyond just making money.  Their desire is to promote social awareness to issues around the world.

Greg McEvilly, the founder and CEO is from the great state of Texas.  He is an alumni of Texas Tech University and was a very active student around campus.  He was able to take his passion for the outdoors and serving people and turn it into a business.

This influential Texan created a product that has been featured in Wired, Tech Crunch, Uncrate, Discovery News, ABC, and Wall Street Journal.

Check out Greg's interview on Plywood People.

Check Kammok out at http://www.kammok.com

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